Kata J.

By connecting the Doggo leash, you will always be up to date with your furry friend’s daily health status and keep track of their whereabouts. Get an alert whenever they try to run off and get into some nonsense. Taking care of a pet isn’t easy, which is why the Doggo app lets you split duties inside your household through tasks.

Lovro K.

We live in a polluted world and we need more and more Binz. These bins will help you sort and manage your garbage. If you’re new to recycling, Binz will help you learn what goes where and support you with weekly scores. The app will also help you compress the bins and alert you when it’s time to throw the waste out.

Gabriela B.

Your houseplants are constantly dying? No worries, Healthyflow will help you keep your plants in shape. You can easily find best practices for each plant you own, order some new ones, and even test out how they will fit in your apartment.

Josipa T.

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be boring. With Look! glasses you can change the style whenever you want and save your favourite looks. No need to go to the optometrist – the app enables you to check the health of your sight and relax your eyes with a series of fun visual games.

Tomislav M.

Metar helps solve the nightmares of interior designers, carpenters, and construction workers. This tool helps connect measurements with useful notes. By using the Metar app, you can easily and precisely create a floorplan of a room or a front-view of a piece of furniture, and move on confidently with your projects.

Dino L.

You spend more time on the couch than working out? Ball will transform you into a sports maniac! Playing sports has never been this fun. Take on cool challenges to keep yourself in shape, play sports with your friends, and track your progress over time.

Jan M.

Do you have five coffees a day? You’re either super sleepy or a true coffee lover. Finn cup will keep your favorite drink at an optimal temperature, track your caffeine consumption, and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in the world of coffee.

Evgeniya S.

Still think skateboarding is just for teens? Think again. With SK8 you can easily control your e-skateboard and use it for the daily commute. SK8 gives you info about road conditions, traffic jams, and directs you through the city. If that’s not fun enough for you, try out some new tricks and track your progress!

Filip L.

Not sure if the cool t-shirt you found in the webshop will fit? Use Hanger, a virtual assistant that will help solve all your clothing problems. Try out any combination on your avatar, buy new pieces, or add favourites to your wishlist!

Ivana M.

Nox helps you get a perfect sleep every night by adjusting the bed’s temperature and incline while responding to your sleep patterns. Break bad habits by setting up routines like a cosy reading session, or a cartoon filled lazy Sunday. Nox is also an ally to children, prompting you when they have a nightmare or play calming sounds during restless nights.

Matija B.

Every day, we produce more and more garbage. Kesa is a community project which fights the piling up. Collect your eco-friendly shopping bags on multiple locations in the city and join the fight for a cleaner environment.

Josipa K.

If you have an office job and you’re sitting 9- 5, you might want to stretch out and go for a walk every now and then. Spino chair will help you get into an exercise routine for your back, remind you to stand up and go for a break, and send you alerts on your posture. Your spine will be grateful.

Irena M.

Record your speed, breath control and body movement during training sessions with Rekord. Track your progress and repeat recorded training. Feeling competitive? Coaches can use Rekord for teams, and the members can see how they match up to another.

Hrvoje A. M.

Taking care of your pet fish can be difficult if you’re not at home for longer periods of time. Free your friends of the fish-sitting duty because Quarium helps you remotely control your home aquarium, feed the fish, or sneak a peek at them at any given moment.