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Learn how to create functional and beautiful user interfaces.

UX research

Learn about conducting UX research and UX empathy exercises based on the brief.

Put it to the test

Turn wireframes into clickable prototypes for testing, then adapt them based on user feedback.

Design time

Design branding, UI, and basics of motion design and apply them to the wireframes you create.

From sketch to app

Learn about design handover to developers and overseeing the design implementation.


  • Collecting user info through interviews
  • Information architecture in the form of a flowchart
  • UX methods (personas and user journeys)
  • Designing screens and design systems in Figma
  • Creating a clickable prototype
  • Usability testing
  • Using motion design to enhance usability

Meet the mentors


Experience is the best teacher, and our mentors have plenty – and they are eager to pass the knowledge down to you. When they’re not preparing lectures, they are in charge of important client work.


Application deadline

A small step in the process, a giant leap in your career development.

Entrance exam

Even our top graduates said they were afraid of failing. Don’t sell yourself short!

Course start

Everyone is awkward at first, but our mentors can make any negative space positive.

Course end

You leave Infinum Academy with new skills, new friends, and a project to show around.

Academy graduation

Made it here? Hats off to you. Seriously, this is when we throw the graduation cap.

What should be in your portfolio?

Think of a portfolio as a 5-minute pitch about yourself, except you are not there to (re)present yourself, so the most important things have to be obvious at a glance.

Include “About me” section

Tell us who you are, and what motivated you to apply. We want to get to know you!

Tie everything together

Connect your projects in a single PDF file. Show us your information hierarchy skills!

Showcase your best work

You’re encouraged to include between 2-5 projects. Keep it brief and to the point.

Inform in the description

The problem you tackled, your role in the project and how you approached the solution.

Got what it takes to take this course?

To apply, prepare a portfolio containing:

  • up to 2-5 of your best projects
  • projects for both digital and print (we’ll be focusing on your creativity and style, not the media)
  • a single PDF file with permission to view the files on your Drive/Dropbox

P.S. Check out our tips & tricks on how to prepare a portfolio.

Some examples of student work

Priority boarding

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Explore the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If that doesn’t help, get in touch with Una. She knows it all!

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