DevOps Course

Does building and breaking stuff sound fun to you? Are you ready to set up a real project with us? Look no further! You’ll be working with the latest infrastructure tools and deploying applications on the most popular cloud platform.
  • Location —  Croatia
  • Applications —  closed for now
  • Duration —  Oct 10 ‐ Nov 11

Course info

We’ll cover DevOps fundamentals necessary to build a project from scratch.
From the initial git repository setup, AWS core services, cloud resource creation with Terraform to docker build CI/CD pipelines with GitHub actions.

During the course we will go over each topic with you, and give you an assignment which will be submitted in the form of pull requests on GitHub. We’ll review each assignment and guide you through the project setup.

Here’s a TL;DR of everything you’ll learn in this course:

  • What is DevOps?
  • Code version control with Git
  • AWS core services
  • Docker
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
  • CI/CD pipelines

Meet the

Your lecturers are DevOps engineers with years of experience under their infrastructure tool-belt.
Their sense of humor is as good as their explanation of what DevOps is. How good is that, you ask? Apply and see.

Elvis Aličić
DevOps Lead Engineer
Josip Trbuščić
DevOps Engineer


5 weeks
Mon/Thu 5–7 PM
At your disposal daily
Assigned after each class
Infinum Office, Zagreb
course language
Croatian with English readings
max attendees
20 students
Application deadline
You will receive an e-mail with the details about the entrance exam.
Entrance exam
Testing time! You’ll get a few tasks that have to be done.
Application feedback
We’ll inform you if you’re in.
Academy end
Made it this far? Congrats.

How to apply

Now to the exciting part. Here are the basic requirements for applying:

  • mandatory basic knowledge of network protocols and operating systems
  • you’re familiar with Git and Docker
  • you’re ready to invest your time

Do you check all the boxes? That’s great. You’re one step closer to attending Infinum Academy. After you apply you just need to show up and pass the entrance exam, and voila, you’re in! Are you excited as we are?

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If all this sounds interesting to you, then the button below is screaming to be clicked. Literally.


For those who want to know more, we’ve prepared a Frequently Asked Questions. If that didn’t help, contact Ana. She’s patiently waiting for your question.

Ana Anić
Project Coordinator