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Does solving problems entertain you? Do you believe digital design improves people’s lives? Spend eight weeks with professional UX/UI designers and give your skillset a boost in the right direction.
  • Location —  Croatia
  • Applications —  closed for now
  • Duration —  Sep 21 ‐ Nov 11

Course info

At Design Course, we teach students, recent graduates, and anyone interested, how to create functional and beautiful user interfaces. Throughout eight weeks, we’ll go through the process of user-centered design in the digital world. You’ll be familiarized with methods startups and digital agencies use to design scalable solutions for large crowds.

Through those eight weeks, you can attend the lectures in person, or online.

Infinum Design Academy offers a combination of free lectures and practical exercises through which students will learn how to design mobile apps. By the end of the Academy, you will have the skills to design for mobile, and a project you can proudly present in your portfolio.

Here’s a TL;DR of everything you’ll learn in this course:

  • Project Organization
  • File Setup in Figma
  • Collecting user info through interviews
  • UX tools: Personas, storyboards and user journeys
  • Information Architecture in the form of a Flowchart
  • Creating a clickable prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Branding and UI design of the mobile app
  • Using animations in creating rich interactions
  • Design specification for developers

Meet the

Your lecturers are talented and experienced Designers with years of experience in UX and UI design.
Are they better at analysing personas than your average therapist? Probably.

Mario Kovačević
Design Team Lead
Elizabeta Lončar
Lead Designer
Ana Valjak

The Course Flow

In a course of 8 weeks, students attend lectures every Thursday, and every Tuesday we offer individual mentoring sessions where they can check the status of the assignment.

All Academy lecturers and mentors are professional designers with years of working experience in the digital industry. Therefore, the curriculum reflects a real-world course, assignments and experience of a client project.

The Assignment

Each year we come up with a new exciting theme for student assignments. So far we had travel apps, festival apps, apps for cyclists and smart home apps. Take a look at last generation’s results.

The Lectures

From Week 1 – 3 students focus on the project essentials: researching the topic for the assignment, getting the right answers and mastering the Figma design tool.

During Week 4 students dig into the UX for their assignments, learn how to set up the app flowchart and to structure information on the screens.

To validate their designs, in the Week 5 students need to organize usability testing of the clickable prototype made out of wireframes.

Week 6 and 7 will be all about the visual design of the app. Students focus on how to use graphic elements such as photos, icons, illustrations and patterns to create a delightful interface. Motion is also an important part of the UI so students are introduced to Principle tool for creating simple animations and transition effects.

Week 8 is focused on the most important takeaways from the Academy as well as some pro tips on collaboration with developers.


8 weeks
Thursdays, 6–8 PM
Tuesdays, during working hours 9–5 PM
Assigned after each class
Infinum, Strojarska 22, Zagreb
Course language
Croatian with English readings
12 students
Application deadline
You will get all the necessary information you need to provide to enter the course.
Entrance selection
Now it’s our turn to carefully review your application letters and portfolios
Application feedback
We’ll inform you if you’re in.
Academy end
Made it this far? Congrats.
Time to present your awesome projects!
Let’s celebrate your success!

How to apply

It’s not necessary to be a student, or a recent graduate to apply. To apply, prepare a portfolio that:

  • has up to 5 of your best projects
  • include projects for both digital and print (we’ll be focusing on your creativity and style, not media)
  • is a single PDF
  • make sure you give us permission to view the files on your Drive/Dropbox

Do you check all the boxes? That’s great! You’re one step closer to attending Infinum Academy. After you apply, you just need to keep your fingers crossed, and voila, you’re in! Are you excited as we are?

Here’s a blog with guidance on how to prepare a portfolio.

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For those who want to know more, we’ve prepared a Frequently Asked Questions. If that didn’t help, contact Ana. She’s patiently waiting for your question.

Ana Anić
Project Coordinator