Android Course

Do little green robots keep you awake at night? Then this is the course for you! Coding in Kotlin is easy peasy. You’ll develop feature by feature until you’ve built your own app!

  • Location —  Zagreb
  • Applications —  closed for now
  • Duration —  Jul 05 ‐ Aug 05

Course info

We’ll cover the fundamental concepts necessary to develop a full-featured Android app.

Kotlin will be the language of choice, in combination with Android Studio as an IDE. We’ll cover building user interface, networking, data persistence, animations, and MVVM architecture. Put on a Jetpack* and enjoy the ride.

During the course, you’ll be developing application feature by feature through homework assignments. You’ll be using the Git and Pull Requests through which we’ll review your code and guide you towards becoming an Android developer.

You hate reading long paragraphs? No problem, we’ve prepared a TL;DR:

  • Kotlin as programing language
  • Android Studio as official IDE
  • Git as version control
  • Android SDK and support framework
  • OOP as programming concepts
  • MVVM as an application architecture

Meet the

Your lecturers are Android developers with many successful projects behind them.
Are they packing a Dagger in their tool belt? You’ll have to check it out.

Branimir Akmadža
Android Team Lead
Filip Floreani
Android Team Lead


5 weeks
Mon/Thu 5–7 PM
At your disposal daily
Assigned after each class
Trinom, Strojarska 24, Zagreb
course language
Croatian with English readings
max attendees
15 students
Application deadline
You will receive an e-mail with the details about the entrance exam.
Entrance exam
Testing time! You’ll get a few tasks that have to be done.
Application feedback
We’ll inform you if you’re in.
Academy end
Made it this far? Congrats.
Presentation and celebration!

How to apply

Now to the exciting part. Here are the basic requirements for applying:

  • you are a University student
  • basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is a must
  • you’re familiar with Git basics
  • ready to invest your time

Do you check all the boxes? Thats’s great. You’re one step closer to attending Infinum Academy. After you apply you just need to show up and pass the entrace exam, and voila, you’re in! Are you excited as we are?

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Ready to
build apps?

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For those who want to know more, we’ve prepared a Frequently Asked Questions. If that didn’t help, contact Ana. She’s patiently waiting for your question.

Ana Anić
Project Coordinator